Let’s talk about the latest fall winter fashion trends in Pakistan. If you guys want to keep yourself warm in the modern style this winter season of the year, then let’s liven up your lives with some more exciting must have winter fashion accessories collection for Pakistani men, women and kids. Here we have described the all important winter accessories from sweater, scarves, ear muffs to the ankle boots that will help you to keep mot only warm and cozy but it will also make you look dapper and snappy that appeals to everyone.

Be the sunshine of everyone around you with these stunning winter fashion accessories ideas for Pakistani fashionistas. Here I am going to share a list of trendy must have fashion things for a winter season wardrobe that every girl or boy must own because all of these winter accessories are low-budgeted and will warm you up stylishly during this cold season. Be the fashion trendsetter of Pakistan by following the latest fashion trends for fall winter and stand apart from the crowd.

Here we have come up with the must have winter collection accessories for men, women and kids that are trendy not only in Pakistan but all around the fashion world. These winter accessories will help you to stay warm and stylish throughout the cold season. Nowadays Pakistani people seems to follow the best winter fashion trends of 2021-2022 in order to stand apart from the crowd. Here is the basic list and types of must have fall winter fashion accessories for men, women and kids.

1) Sweater scarf for winter fashion trend

Everyday when you step out of your home in the ultimate wintertime, the most dashing and modern fashion accessory in Pakistan is the winter sweater scarf that gives you stunning look all the time. To create a rich contrast you can try the attractive and colorful scarf over a leather jacket or long coat. The winter sweater scarves protects you from windy days during the winter season as well as it will defend you from cough, cold  and flu when it is around your neck.

2) Warm gloves for men, women and kids

Gear up yourself with some modern and stylish must-have accessories trend for this winter season to look dazing and impressive every day. Nothing is blunt and dull than the chapped and roughened hands, so to keep them superb and cheese like one must have to cover one’s hands with the leather or wool gloves. You can go for the long knit warm gloves that will also work as arm wear and protect you from winter elements.

3) Cozy ear muffs fashion trend in Pakistan

Complement yourself with this must-have winter accessories, the ear muffs plays a vital role to keep you warm and stylish in the winter time of the year.

4) Beanies and hats for cute kids, young men and women

The most gorgeous and modern winter accessories for celebrities and stylish men’s, women’s or kids’ wardrobe is nothing else but the beanies and hats! Some people know that how to stay warm and sexy in this wintertime with the use of smart and low-budgeted winter accessories.

5) Best pair of winter socks

The must-have winter accessories for women, men and kids are the pair of warm fuzzy socks, that keeps you warm and protects your heel and toes from cold season. Definitely the cracked and chapped heels have a dull impression on others so you must keep them soft and charming.

6) Long coat or jacket fashion ideas for fall winter

The best winter outwear of your wardrobe is the long coats or jackets, if you feel comfortable wearing a long coat, then you must go for it when you are partying with your friends and family or going to school, college or University as well.

What Are The Latest Pakistani Fashion Trends For Summer?

Starting off with a summary of all the latest style trends (which will be covered in more detail further on):

  • Outfits in bright colors
  • Elements that give off royal vibes like intricate Mughal style embroidery
  • Smaller handbags
  • Desi jewelry
  • Minimalist shoes
  • Ghararas & shararas
  • Banarsi & chunri prints
  • See-through elements in outfits – like the use of sheer fabric in trousers
  • Fusion wear – a mixture of eastern and western elements
  • And don’t forget to check out our review of the most popular lawn trends at the end of this post!

This summer, “color” has taken over the fashion industry. So you better get colorful or your summer is going to be dull.
People are experimenting with screaming colors and dancing patterns these days.
Throw some colors on you and join the summer party.
Although, dull colors in itself is a statement that’s something people have spent months trying and playing with. Now people are craving excitement and joy in the shape of bold patterns and colors. Massive butterfly patterns have been a good combo with a brighter look.
This year, the trend appears to be favoring colors with plenty of personality and style and people are running right for it and why wouldn’t they? And honestly, who wouldn’t want a wide range of color options in their wardrobe? From now on, bolder color tones are going to be replacing the pastel colors that oh so conveniently became a part of our style.
Personally, if you ask for my opinion, I die for bright colors and the fact that I don’t have to wear layers and layers of clothing. So now that Summer is here, everyone only has one thing on their minds! Well, this season is all about color, graphics and prints, and pretty feminine shapes. It’s absolutely everything that has kept me crazy this summer. There were so many great trends that will be making their way into our closets this season, and some that are just way too ridiculous and over the top but we will still be trying them all.
Red, Yellow, Orange, and Bold Pink outfits are super trendy this year for both daywear and evening wear. Here you go, color maniacs, this year is looking brighter than the sun.

You would think that all people want is something simple to wear, but no! that’s not what’s trending this summer.
People want clothes that scream “You are Royalty”. They want everyone to know that they are wearing the crown when they walk into the room.
Feeling powerful is whats everyone is running after.
Aren’t you tired of looking basic and just ordinary? don’t you want to feel empowered through your clothing? I bet you do, so that’s why this summer people are attracted towards more of a bold, out of the box and royal look that’s never been seen before. Pakistanis are putting a Desi spin on their wardrobe. It’s classy, its juicy and its everything people can talk about this summer.
Whether its embroidery, lace or jewelry, retro and romantic blend makes people different and gives them a feeling they never felt before. Then why not try it?
In Royal fashion, it has been said that jewelry is a symbol of nobility. So that a simple piece of cloth can become the star of the night, and can be the crowning touch to the entire attire. Don’t you think?
“Going Royal” has been trending like a tweet gone viral, but it’s not that simple! Even in reality you just can’t become royalty without doing certain things. You need to go all out in the most classic way to be able to wear the crown which is oh so Holy even in terms of clothes.
This Eid’ go heavy with embroidery and you will surely feel great about yourself. Do check out these trending party outfits for Pakistani girls

– For Handbags, The Smaller The Better

This summer mini bags are ruling the runways, so if you don’t have a bag smaller than your hand then you are out!

“Go big or go home” no longer applies to anyone.

The color may be bright or light but it needs to be the pocket size.

This summer wherever you look, you’ll see a small handbag going hand in hand with any kind of clothing trends. Although huge bags have saved our lives for many years, carrying our not so important things that somehow need to be with us every time we get out of the house, this summer mini bags will be minimizing the load while making us look fabulous. And to be honest they are just too cute to ignore.

They are compact, efficient and fashion-friendly then why must we turn away? let me say it again, it might not fit more than a phone and credit card—but dang is it cute.

After micro/ mini handbags were first showcased in runways, they became the talk of the town pretty soon after that, although some are still not ready to let go of their old habits but stars like Mahira Khan, and Deepika Padukone are clearly huge fans of the tiny accessory, as they have seen numerous times holding bags that weren’t even big enough to hold their necessities. But as they say it “Fashion is pain”.

Did you know which kind of mini bags is in this season? if not, keep reading!

This is the list of mini bags that are in…

A) Charles and Kieth Embroidered Wristlet Handle Bag

B) Elementary bag – Green Gold – Jafferjees

C) Hub Leather- Doctor Bag (BLK/WHT)

D) Vincci- Transparent Cover Shoulder Bag (Black/Pink)

E) Beaded wood bag- Mango

  • Charles and Keith
  • Jafferjees
  • Accessorize
  • Mango
  • Limelight
  • Mochari
  • Vincci
  • Dudra East
  • Hub Leather
  • Dune London
10 Biggest Summer Fashion Trends For Pakistani Women In 2021

– Wear Your Jewelry Like A Desi Queen

Jewelry has been a significant adornment for women all around the world since forever. So why do so many women choose to wear jewelry daily and why do these accessories have such an enormous impact on the way they look and feel? They are an expression of who you are.
Jewelry pieces not only make women look elegant and beautiful but also make them more confident. Wearing the right jewelry will go a long way when it comes to adding that extra flavor to your dress. There is so much to choose from these days that one often gets confused, be it necklaces, earrings, bracelets or rings, all types of jewelry have an important role to play when it comes to enhancing the looks and appearance of a woman.
People have worn jewelry for a million different reasons, not only to feel more beautiful but also for a spiritual reason or because of it a lot to them, etc. Some people believe in the power of gemstones and want to harness the many benefits gemstones have to offer, a great way of doing so is by wearing jewelry. Almost every gemstone available today is now available in one form of jewelry of the other. There are topaz earrings, sapphire necklaces, opal rings, and lots of others. These pieces of jewelry can be seamlessly incorporated into your outfits. They also provide a great way for you to have your favorite gemstone on you and reap its benefits at all times. In the end, everyone is getting more into this trend of wearing jewelry for whatever reason. Nowadays it doesn’t stick to one gender as well, because a lot of men have started wearing rings and earrings etc. to express themselves
Girls, we all know how important it is to accessorize any look… Recently, I’ve seen a lot of girls wearing the latest trends which not many have experimented with. Let me tell you the perfect places to get amazing yet affordable jewelry like these. I’ve come across some trendy ones at Tesoro which might be hot enough to keep the summer hot and boiling but ill list down all the best spots to get the trendiest stuff this summer.
Want to rule this summer, wear the cutest accessories, put on your favorite outfit on and run towards the music. Everyone’s going to be having a party in their shoes this summer for sure!
Wait a minute… I’m forgetting something! Listen up, you thought it’s just that simple, no. Different kinds of jewelry will go with different looks, some might be a little simple but elegant and some more on a heavy side.

There are many stores in Pakistan for shopping for jewelry, the following list is the names of some of those stores

  • Tesoro
  • Diamond Crown
  • Claire’s
  • Swarovski
  • Hifly
  • Real Jewelers
  • Noor Collection
  • Noor-u-Sama
  • Many local clothing brands like Sapphire too have come up with some gorgeous accessories that are worth checking out

But of course, that doesn’t answer what jewelry you should buy, considering the fact that all these stores offer such a huge range and variety. Well, this year it’s all about desi stuff, jhumkis, maang tikkas, chand balis, karras, basically everything in your mom’s drawer that you’ve always been mesmerized by! And these desi accessories shouldn’t just be limited for your desi outfits, you can easily rock them with western wear too.

10 Biggest Summer Fashion Trends For Pakistani Women In 2021